#OpBerlusconi: Anonymous to attack Italian Government against corruption

Online hackavist group Anonymous have decided to go against Italian government owned websites against the ongoing corruption inside the country.

In a video message posted by AnonOpsIT, it was announced that Anonymous will attack the government of Italy, thanks to Berlusconi, country’s ex-prime minister for his alleged corruption.

Citizens of the world,

This is an urgent emercengy alert to all people outside Italy.
The day we’ve waiting for has unfortunely arrived.
Italy has corrupted thanks to Berlusconi and many others.
Our blatant response is that we will not sit well their is corruption in the italian government.
Most people outside Italy does not know about corruption in italy.
There must be a end of. 

This day is now coming that Anonymous Italy will take a end of this corruption.
We will let the corruption burn and giving the citizens a normal government without corruption. 

Has the italian government not learn from the past?
Has it not seen the 2009 revolutions?
We will fight till theres no more corruption.

Expect Anonymous Italy coming back.

We are anonymous,
We are legion,
We do not forgive censorship,
We do not forget the denial of our free rights as human beings.
To the Italian government, you should’ve expected us.

Anonymous hackers are famous for their words, they are known for doing what they commit to public. It will be worth waiting and witnessing the next move by the hackavist group, if they can really attack the Italian cyber space or the operation will result as a failure.

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