#OpDirenis: Anonymous and RedHack Join Hands for November 5 Protests in Turkey

November 5 will be a day when people from around the world will gather to march and protest for several causes. World’s most powerful online hacktivists Anonymous and RedHack have joined hands for a massive protest on November 5th, 2013 which is going to be held in Turkey for various causes.

SoftPedia reports that the protest will be done under the banner of Operation Direnis (“direnis” is the Turkish word for “resistance”), where the hacktivists will not deface, hack, leak or attack government websites. It will be a protest on ground that will have nothing to do with cyber world.

The representative of both groups explained that:

  • Both Anonymous and RedHack are not solely based on hacks, leaks or the exposure of corrupt officials. The very core of both groups are based on activism, in where upon protesting and rebellion is an act of not chaos or anarchy, but of justice, truth and liberty. We are here with you today to warn you of an operation that will either go down in history, or it will be forever forged in the stones of rocks, deep in the shadow and forgotten.”

Anonymous and RedHack, both are known for their high profile hacks and unlimited cyberwar skills. It will be worth watching how both hacktivists will become activities on ground.


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