Open Ban Websites Without Any Proxy Software

How to visit ban websites? this is a question that comes to mind whenever people realize that their favorite website is banned in the university, college, office or even at home sometimes.

These websites may be banned for several reasons, sometimes to avoid people from wasting their time rather than working or studying or perhaps due to governmental factors. Also, websites with articles that breaks trademark or other perceptive residence privileges are often clogged in some parts. This event can be quite aggravating for many customers, as they cannot accessibility a lot of articles online, but with AnonymoX, an Industry add-on, you can use all such websites by surfing the web anonymously.

With it, you can modify your IP deal with, place and check out websites that are clogged or unavailable in your nation. You can modify the IP and place with only a few easy important without having to use proxy servers. All you need to do is either press the pink choice next to the look for bar or in the add-on bar, and press Change Personality to get a new IP Address. Also, remove treats by merely simply clicking the More choice.

If you don’t want to use AnonymoX on certain websites, simply click the blue button and select your website from the Settings for the drop-down menu, and uncheck the Active option. You can also change the country and the service for individual websites. Click More to change settings for cookies and user agents.






AnonymoX Preferences allows you to enable/disable the Show in Add-on-bar, Show IP-Address and Show Country Flag options. Additionally, you can also Reset the notification settings.







This add-on can also be useful if you do not want internet sites to keep on top of and monitor your web surfing around conduct. Check out the hyperlink below to set up this add-on, and look a the web without any constraints.

Enjoy and happy surfing!


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