#Operation Unite: Expect Anonymous against NDAA [Video Included]

The online hackavist group Anonymous has launched its new operation and named it #Operation Unite against the President Obama’s signing over/passing a bill during Christmas that according to Anonymous has put American freedom in jeopardy. 

In the new video uploaded by @Crypt0nymous, Anonymous has urged the American citizens to stand against the bill signed by President Obama and fight for their freedom. 

According to the video message: 

Greetings Citizens of the World,

Over the Christmas holidays, it has come to our attention that President Barack Obama signed and passed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013. Now, ever since September 11th, the United States has slowly evolved into a police state. Martial law no longer sounds absurd as big brother is watching us from every angle and rights become privileges. When will it stop? When will the American Citizens regain their rights and freedoms back from the grip of our own corrupted and greedy government?

#Operation Unite

By signing this act, the military will have the right to arrest and hold anyone that may seem, look, and act suspicious or that may support terrorism. Warrant-less arrests with no reasons given will begin to rise as this New Year rolls out. More and more citizens will feel the effects of this inhumane act brought upon us by our very own “trusted” government.

Why treat the very same people who voted you into power this way? Whenever an act is written and passed everyone is affected in some way. Not one person is safe. These acts that have been signed and passed since 9/11 resembles the WWII era with Hitler in Nazi Germany, Stalin in Europe and currently with Fidel in Cuba.

America, the land of the brave, a country that once promised prosperity and freedom is now a country defiled by corruption, greed, and an evil entity.

Help us to help you get our voices across the map to spread awareness and pass knowledge to our fellow citizens to stand up and fight against these selfish acts.

Anonymous is happy to introduce Operation Unite. We, the people, will unite and join the fight as one. We might be many but with one voice we will be louder than their actions.

Join us in the fight for our freedom and rights at the AnonSet IRC channel #OpUnite or via webchat – http://bit.ly/U4cqU8

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

At the beginning of 2013, McAfee came up with a report that Anonymous group from all over the world decline in 2013 and in reply Anonymous had declined the report and vowed to come up with even better strategy and powerful attacks against the government of the world. 

Now gearing up for #Operation Unite will decide if what McAfee claimed was the truth or Anonymous’s claim to hit back.

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