OperationChina: Anonymous Hacks Chinese Police, Govt. Websites

Anonymous hacked several Chinese government websites including the Hunan (a province in China) Police Academy website in solidarity with pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

The hacker behind this hack goes with the handle of  on Twitter, who has been involved in several cyber attacks on different websites in past.

AnonymousGlobo left a deface page along with a message on hacked Hunan Police Academy website, bashing the Chinese government for arresting and not allowing protesters to demonstrate their issues in shape of a protest.


  • Many government Websites in China suffered DoS attacks (DDOS). This type of attack is but many access requests at the same time, that is, it would be the impediment of people in a building in the real world.

  • Some hacktivists have being arrested and persecuted by the Chinese Government. Five activists have been arrested accused of causing congestion in chineses sites, and this kind of protest is one of the most peaceful imaginable.

Links of hacked websites along with their mirrors as a proof of hack are available below:


This is not the first time when Anonymous has conducted a cyber attack on Chinese government in support of protesters in Hong Kong. In 2014, the Anonymous hacktivists shutdown several Chinese government sites in solidarity with the protesters.

The pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong were also tracked with an Android spyware which disguised as an #‎OccupyCentral‬ app. The fake app disguised as an Android app for tablets and smartphones. Its main function was  to keep an eye and track movement of #‎OccupyCentral‬ protesters in Hong Kong.

At the time of publishing this article, all targeted Chinese websites were still hacked.

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