#OpGabon: Anonymous Leaks Credentials of Companies for Supporting Gabon Government

Online hackavists group Anonymous have breached website of a Gabonese based logistic company Courtage Gabon Logistique (cgl-gabon.com) for supporting the alleged killings of Gabonese youth.

Online hackavists group Anonymous had started #OpGabon last month against the alleged killings of children, men and women in Gabon by Ali Bongo Ondimba, a Gabonese politician who has been President of Gabon since October 2009.

As a result of breach the hackers have leaked personal login credentials of company’s official along with the site’s database. The hackers also left a message on the leaked data on NoPaste.

  • The following website has is has been breached due to its involvement with the Gabon Government by providing company’s such as Shell and others that help aid the advancement of exploiting as well as killing Gabon’s pure innocence.
  • To the people of Gabon, our hearts&prayers are with you in these dark times of greed and corruption. #stayhuman&#staystrong


  • We are..and we do not..so expect us.
  • #sailstrong


After analyzing the data, I have found usernames, names, emails, database, cities, phone numbers of company’s officials.

On 7th, 2013, Anonymous had released press release, explaining the details of #OpGabon which is available here. While the leaked data is available on NoPaste.


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