OpIcarus Finds More Targets as Banks in Panama, Bosnia and Kenya Go Offline

Anonymous and Ghost Squad have conducted another series of cyber attacks on banking websites in Kenya, Panama, Bosnia and Herzegovina — The hacktivists vow to carry on targeting the financial giants!

It’s been over a week since Anonymous and Ghost Squad began conducting cyber attacks on banking websites worldwide. It’s the weekend now but the hacktivists aren’t taking a break; while you were sleeping they conducted distributed denial-of-service DDoS attacks on the websites of four International banks including the central bank of Kenya, National Bank of Panama, Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Maldives Monetary Authority.

The attack was executed by Ghost Squad Saturday morning forcing the sites to go offline. Though most of the sites are back online, the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina is still offline since yesterday. In an exclusive conversation with attackers HackRead was told that:

“The National Bank of Panama was a special target considering the importance of Panama Leaks — We want to make sure the corrupt elite named in the papers would be punished one day.”

Here is a screenshot showing all four banks were down after the attack:


If you are following HackRead’s exclusive coverage on OpIcarus you would know the operation is against banks and financial institutions around the world. The hacktivists believe banks are controlling the world’s economy, promoting and hiding corruption at governmental and private level.

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Since its relaunch, hacktivists have used OpIcarus to send their message worldwide. The previously targeted banks include the Bank of Greece, Central Bank of Cyprus and Dutch Central Bank.

Stay tuned as we cover upcoming cyber attacks for OpIcarus

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