#OpIsrael: 25 Israeli Websites hacked and Defaced by Local Army Crew

A group of Malaysian hackers from Local Army Crew have collectively hacked and defaced 25 Israeli websites in support of Palestine.

A member of Local Army Crew contacted me via email explained that the reason for hacking Israeli websites was to raise voice of Palestine’s who are under hell created by Israel.

Hackers left a deface page displaying images of Palestinians affected by Israeli shelling and a detailed message on all of the hacked websites, according to which:

We came, we saw, we share..AnuarLinux Was Here..#Ops Israhell. Local Army Crews Malaysian Team Was Arrived…We Was Here !!!..Stop To Be Killer .. fuck You Israel !! God Damnit !! We Not Stop Attacking You…Fucking Israel . Many Our Brothers . Family Sister -Die- . Cause You Fucking Israel !! Look You Kill A Children!!

And We Not Forgive What You Have Done To Our Family !!! Long Live Palestine!!

Links of targeted websites along with their Zone-h Mirrors can be found here on Pastebin.

Local Army Crew is the same crew that hacked and defaced 19 official domains of US’s Yakima County Fire District #5 on 6th March, 2013.

At the time of publishing this article, all 25 websites were displaying deface page left by the crew.

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