#OpIsrael: 250 Israeli websites hacked by Pakistani hacker H4x0r HuSsY

A Pakistani hacker going with the handle of H4x0r HuSsY from Pakistani Leets hacking group has hacked and defaced total 250 Israeli websites in a cyber attack conducted between 8th August to 14th August 2013.

It seems that hacker got access to a server with multiple vulnerabilities, resulting in defaced the server and leaving his deface page along with a simple not of ”Hacked by H4x0r HuSsY”.

The hacker targeted sites which mostly belongs to private business such as restaurants, web development companies, real estate, private medical centers, art shops, takeaways and construction businesses.

Links and mirrors of all hacked sites are available here

On 15th Auguest, the same hacker had hacked and defaced 650 Israeli websites

At the time of publishing this article, all sites were restored and working online.


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