#OpIsrael: 63 Israeli Websites Hacked by Sir Abdou

#OpIsrael 63 Israeli Websites Hacked by Sir Abdou

A hacker going with the handle of ‘Sir Abdou’ has hacked and defaced 63 Israeli websites for Operation Israel #OpIsrael.

Hacker who contacted me on Twitter told that hacks were done between 26th April to 1st May 2013 where all sites were left with deface page along with a message in support of Palestine and against the Zionist state of Israel.

“HaCkEd By LiBeRTADoReS, #Free #Palestine, #Death to #Israel, #Out. SiR Abdou WaS HeRe…Twitter: @SiRAbdou…See you”.

Links of targeted websites along with their mirrors can be found on Zone-h.

The hacked sites belong to different private owned NGOs, hospitals and other businesses.

At the time of publishing this article, most of the sites were down and some were working online.

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