OpIsrael: 700 sites hacked, thousands of Social Media, Paypal credentials leaked

Just few days ago we reported how Anonymous and AnonGhost hacking groups are gearing up to carryout cyber attacks on Israeli servers under the banner of OpIsrael.

As promised, hackers (both from Anonymous and AnonGhost hackitivist groups) are carrying out massive cyber attacks on Israeli government and business websites (mostly owned by civilians). 

The teams involved in these cyber attacks are Anonymous, Anonymous Arab, AnonGhost and Anonymous Arabe. Below in an in depth analysis of hacked data.

Leaked Data:

Anonymous Arab claims to have 2143 Israeli PayPal login credentials including emails and their clear text passwords leaked, while AnonGhost claims it leaked 7000+ Israeli emails and passwords along with their clear text passwords from different Israeli websites including social media, real estate, banks and universities.


One of the significant leaks came from Anonymous Arabe, who said to have leaked personal information of about 150,000 Israeli citizens. In an exclusive conversation, Anonymous Arabe told HackRead that they breached several Israeli databases and got “massive” amount of sensitive information including names, emails, clear text passwords, home address, city name, gender, landline and personal mobile phone numbers.

Modem login data:

Anonymous Arabe also claimed login credentials of 6000 Israeli modems including IP addresses and passwords among his leaks. For testing, we  logged into one of them and found them real Scandinavian modems.

Our Analysis on Leaked Data:

Claims apart, we personally scanned the data with the help of professional data mining company Hacked-DB. We found that most of the leaked data is legit and downloaded from several Israeli portals including: area.co.il, walla.co.il, nana.co.il, bezeqint.net etc. However, the leaked data is not limited to Israeli citizens but users from around the world.

From a total of 15 files, there are 75435 email accounts out of which 47453 are unique – There are 22333 subdomains under area.co.il where 20041 accounts are unique.

We  contacted “Area.co.il” but until now no feedback was received.

Website defacement and DDoS attack: 

Both Anonymous and AnonGhosts have either defaced or knocked down Israeli websites. However, the defacement only included private domains while the government sites were only shutdown for a while through DDoS attacks.

List of some of the popular site targeted by the groups are as follows:

 1-  Jerusalem Center For Public Affairs (JCPA),

2- The Jewish Community of China,

3- LandRover Israel, 

4-Honda Israel,

5- Technion Center for Structural Biology and Technion Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering.


The leaked data which has been left on Pastebin is available below:

PayPal Leak: http://pastebin.com/dLGZA3rF
7000 Emails: http://pastebin.com/Cc0bV0w2
150,000 Credentials: http://pastebin.com/SqjFw9PW

List of all hacked/defaced sites:


Leaked Modem details: 


In one of their tweet, the AnonGhost said they will keep on attacking Israeli servers until 20th of April 2015. 


Stay tuned, more to come…

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