#OpIsrael-Reloaded: X-Blackerz Inc Hacks Israeli Hosting Company, Defaces 71 Sites & Leaks Admin Info


A hacker going with the handle of X-Blackerz Inc, supporting Anonymous hackavists on #OpIsrael has hacked into the server of an Israeli based hosting company, ending up with defacing 71 Israeli websites and leaking hosting details online.

The hacker left a deface page, along with a message in text and a Youtube video; explaining the reason for attacking Israeli cyber space.

  • Israeli hosting company “Hostar” rooted and total users system broken by X-Blackerz Inc. Listen to anarchists of underground. Leave Palestine free! Expect us soon..Until than time, be quiet and hear. System broken by X-BLACKERZ Inc. Follow us, twitter and facebook. #OpIsrael-Reloaded.

The reason explained in the video is that hack was done against #OpIslam started by Israeli hackers,  X-Blackerz Inc urged the Israeli hackers to end up #OpIslam as the cyber was has nothing to do with any religion or get ready for a massive cyber attack against Israeli. You can watch the entire video below: 

Links of targeted sites along with their mirrors and leaked login information is available on JustPaste.

X-Blackerz Inc is the same hacker who had breached into the official website of Honolulu Police Department, leaking login details of police officers on May 05, 2013 for #OpUSA.

At the time of publishing this article, all 71 sites were hacked and displaying deface message left by the hacker.


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