#OpIsrael: Israeli Ministry of Agriculture Domain Hacked, 100+ other crushed down by Anonymous

Year 2014 begin with a warning from online hacktivists Anonymous in which it warned Israel to get ready for a massive cyber attack on 7th April 2014 under the banner of #OpIsrael


The attack included distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on thousands of Israeli government and private domains, leaking personal details and defacing websites. Hackers were able to disrupt several websites for hours.  

Starting from AnonGhost from Anonymous group who hacked and defaced several Israeli websites along with the official domain of Israeli Ministry of Agriculture (bee.agri.gov.il), yesterday 7th April 2014.

AnonGhost left their deface page along with a pro-Palestinian message on hacked domain which was expressed in following words: 

  • Hi Israel! We always here to punish you as we did on the last Operation 7 April and we are back again to celebrate it. Because we are the voice of Palestine and we will not remain silent!! Muslims are everywhere – We will enter Palestine soon :) Remember this: D. Alkhilafah is coming soon Insha’Allah.

On the other hand, a hacker going with the handle of AnonSec from Anonymous group hacked and defaced around 400+ websites from private sector of the country.

The same hackers claimed to leak hundreds of personal details of Israeli citizens containing usernames, emails and passwords. However, the authentication of leaked data is questionable as most of the dumps were already available online.

Links of targeted websites along with their links and leaked data is available below: 

Currently there are other hacking groups attacking Israeli websites for #OpIsrael. Stay with us as we will be updating you with latest on #OpIsrael.

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