#OpIsraelBirthday: Hackers of the World Uniting Forces for a Massive Cyber Attack against Israel on 7 April 2014

The online hacktivist AnonGhost along with a group of hackers has decided to attack Israeli cyber space on 7th April, 2014 when the country will be celebrating its birthday.


One of AnonGhost’s representative told us that this cyber attack will be conducted under the banner of #OpIsraelBirthday in which every possible Israeli website will be targeted in order to show their solidarity with Palestine.

To give a better understanding about the op, hackers have released a video on YouTube which is available below:

Currently the teams involved in the operation are: Mauritania Attacker , Virusa Worm, Deto Beiber, Dr.SaM!M_008, M3GAFAB , Extazy007, PhObia_PhOneyz, Mr Domoz, Tak Dikenal, AnonxoxTN, Raka 3r00t, PirateX, Bl4ck Jorozz, Younes Lmaghribi, Indonesian r00t, BlackBase Hacker, CoderSec, h4shcr4ck, Mrlele, Donnazmi,  TheGame Attacker, Man Rezpector, SaccaFrazi , Spec Tre, HusseiN98D,  HolaKo, Mr.Ajword, Root Max, Egy Eagle, THE GREATEST, BiosTeRminat0r, Man Rezpector, Hani Xavi, Don Maverick, Psyco Hacker , Black Cracker, rummykhan, Root Max, VINUX, ARAFET, TITO_SFAXSIANO and SquiCk H4ck3r

Last year these were the same group of hackersunited from around the world against Israeli cyber space. Let’s see what they will do this time.

Stay with us as we will be updating you as more team are expected to join as claimed by AnonGhonst.

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