OpIsrael: Pro-Palestine hackers stole Israeli credit cards to fund charities

AnonGhost hacktivist group’s leader and founder, Mauritania Attacker, revealed on Tuesday that his team has funded Palestinian charities through stolen Israeli credit cards during OpIsrael.

AnonGhost, the hacktivist group, acquired access to credit card credentials of Israelis by hacking into dozens of websites from Israel.

According to Mauritania, until now the group has managed to churn out approximately $18,000 to an indeterminate number of Palestinian charities utilizing the information of stolen credit cards, reports DailyDot.


The hacker stated: “We hope that we will make Israel lose money and as much possible.”

The proof of this donation was also uploaded online by the hacktivist group in the form of screenshots that supposedly displayed thousands of dollars being transmitted to charities for the sake of supporting the Palestinian fundraising campaign “Keeping the Children of Gaza Alive.” Funds for this campaign are transferred online via FundRazr.

On the website some recent advancements and activities confirm that separate payments of $200 and $2000 were transferred during the last three days from “Anonghost Team.”


The FundRazr campaign was launched by Shabad Saini nearly two months ago. Mauritania Attacker states that neither Saini nor any other of the recipients of his team’s funds are aware of the group’s activities.

FundRazr’s website informs that it is a Rafah based organization that “makes regular distributions of food, clothing, and medical supplies to the people of Gaza.”

A cyberwar against the Iron Dome has been waged by AnonGhost since 2008. In past one week, AnonGhost has infiltrated at least 255 websites. A majority of these hacked websites belong to Israel. Mauritania Attacker, on the other hand, maintains that around 10,000 websites have been hacked and not all the names are listed on the website.

AnonGhost also hacked several websites that displayed images of ISIS militants holding their flag, which is called the “Black Standard.” According to Mauritania Attacker, his group does not holds an official association or linkage with Islamic State but some members including himself do support the extremist militant organization. He added: “ISIS doesn’t need us, whether we support them or not, because they already have big hackers.”

Mauritania Attacker orders the group’s members to keep hacking Israeli websites and also target Facebook and Email accounts of Israelis by April 20.


Waqas Amir is a Milan-based cybersecurity journalist with a passion for covering latest happenings in cyber security and tech world. In addition to being the founder of this website, Waqas is also into gaming, reading and investigative journalism.