#OpIsrael: Hackers of the World Uniting Forces for a Massive Cyber Attack over Israel on 7 April 2013

#opIsrael-7th April-2013-reborn

#OpIsrael,the hackers and hacktavists from all around the world are joining their forces against Israel on 7th of April 2013.

The famous hacker AnonGhost contacted me with complete details of new version of #OpIsrael, in which hardcore anti-israeli hackers will be united on Sunday the 7th April 2012, to damage Israeli cyber space at the maximum.

AnonGhost said that ”we are uniting against the enemy in a unique way; we urge hackers from all over the world regardless of their color, religion and race to stand with us, support us and attack Israeli cyber space against the Zionist’s occupation of Palestinian land”.  

The hacker also has provided a short list of hacking groups which are already up for the operation, the list includes:

  1. AnonGhost
  2. Ajax Team
  3. Muslim Liberation Army (MLA)
  4. Z Company Hacking Crew (ZHC)
  5. The Hackers Army (THA)
  6. Anonymous Syria
  7. Gaza Hacker and Gaza Security Team
  8. All Moroccan Hackers.

Other then the groups there are hackers who work independently have also signed up for #OpIsrael. The names of those hackers are mentioned below.

  1. X-Line Hacker, V!rus No!r, SAW from Morocco
  2. Hitcher hacker from Pakistan who works independently and with MLA as well.
  3. PliiiJI hacker, Hurr!c4ne hacker and many others from around the world.

Just for readers information, #OpIsrael was started by Anonymous hackers back at the end of 2012 against Israeli shelling over Gaza. The operation became such a success that Israeli government decided to launch its own Cyber Combat Training Program in order to educate its youth to secure its cyber space. 

Stay tuned with HackRead for more updates as I will be contacting all above mentioned hacking groups about their views and plans for upcoming #OpIsrael.

  1. Let me get that right – so you’re pro Palestine? With its current leader, the Hamas, a TERROR organization which limits human rights of women (can’t speak in conventions, can’t vote), executes homosexuals publicly in the streets by hanging (even if they are only 15 years old) and shuts down (or rather burns down) every internet cafe that they find? Way to go!

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