#OpIsrael: Mossad Website breached, Personal Details of over 30,000 Agents Leaked by Anonymous

OpIsrael Mossad Website breached, Person Details of over 30,000 Agents Leaked by Anonymous

Several online hackavist groups have joined their forces against Israel by attacking the official website of Israel Secret Intelligence Service Mossad http://mossad.gov.il  by distributed denial of service attack and claiming to leak personal information of over 30,000 Israeli officials from military, police, politicians and employees within the agency. 

OpIsrael Mossad Website breached

The groups that took part in the attack were Sector404, Anonymous and RedHack, where Sector404 initiated distributed denial of service attack while Anonymous and RedHack breached into the site, leaking highly sensitive information on Twitter and Google Docs.

Leaked data contains personal details such as IDs, emails, full names, Zip codes, phone numbers, cities and states where the agents live or stationed.

Since the data is leaked, it is hard to keep it online, as it has been reported and deleted by authorities. As for now, the leaked data can be downloaded from below given links.


The attack was conducted under the flag of #OpIsrael, which was started in 2012 against the Israeli bombing of Palestinian territory

Earlier, I had reported that hackers of the world have joined their forces against Israel under the banner of #OpIsrael on 7/04/2013, for now there are still some days in restarting the operation yet today’s attack gives us the glimpse of what can be done on 7th April 2013.

UPDATE to clarify that the data leak is not directly linked to the DDOS attack launched on the Mossad website.

UPDATE: An Israeli current affair and news website MAKO has said that after examining the data, it has been found that these are the details of 35 thousand Mossad agents.

NOTE: The translation of MAKO article was done with Google Translator, hence errors can be part of it.

However, officials at Mossad said that at this very moment, they will not comment on this matter nor the Prime Minister of Israel. 

  1. This is such good news; it put a smile on my lips :)
    There’s still light at the end of the tunnel, after all.

    1. lol what kind of graphs mate? do you even know what graphs are used for? what is it that you want to know? where do the so called agents host their email accounts or in what cities do they live?

      let me tell you a secret, there’s no fucking way those people are mossad agents, the reason is simple, the mossad website holds no classesfied information at all and of any kind.

  2. as any person with at least a tiny knowledge in computers would tell you, this probably a list from some coupons site and in no way a mossad agent database, any kiddie can get this information.
    thats just sad.

  3. That’s a total bullshit, the website of the Mossad is only informational website, it does not hold any secret information of any kind.

  4. 30000?
    why not 300000? some1 has a vivid imagination? so what is the
    difference between you and some1 that will leak your names? both,
    nothing but demonstration of mindless terrorism‎‏.

  5. How can they have info on 35k agents? Makes no sense. Mossad only have about 35 active katsas at one time and utilize and extensive global network of support and intelligence made of the Diaspora. Even an aggregate number of katas from time of inception would not even come close to 35k katsas

  6. The last leak was 5,000.
    This leak is allegedly 30,000.

    Heck if we are going to make up numbers, why don’t we use 6,000,000.

    oops. that fraudulent number is already taken.

  7. HackRead, pointing us to a “second update” where a “news agency” “believes” the data to be legit does not constitute a reason to believe this nonsense. You’d have to – ya know – prove it somehow. I get it’s very hard to verify. So, apply some logic to this.

    The Mossad put down the details of secret operatives, in cleartext, into a database attached to a public Web server. Ignore Anonymous’ claim of getting details of however many agents – the ACTUAL claim is that Mossad is that stupid.

    To even entertain the possibility that a skiddie doing nothing more than exploiting known vulnerabilities in a particular Web server could get his hands on cleartext data for even a single Mossad agent, let alone “30,000,” would make you functionally retarded.

    I mean, honestly, at LEAST offer us a workable attack vector – just a little rough hypothesis would be SOMETHING to go on.

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