#OpIsraelReload: AnonGhost hacks 400 Israeli websites, claims to leak Credit Card details

opisraelreload-anonghost-hacks-400-israeli-websitesThe online hackavist going with the handle of AnonGhost along with TeamR00t have claimed to hack and deface around 400 Israeli websites with claim of leaking credit card details of Israeli citizens under the banner of #OpIsraelReload.

Hackers who had planned to target Israeli cyber space on the anniversary of September 11 attacks started defaced Israeli sites in August and today a list of all hacked sites have been released online with a message expressed in following words:

  • 11 September 2013, #OpIsraelReload! Hi Israel, we are the same people who f****D you on 07 April for during #OpIsrael and now we are back to punish you again. AnonGhost is everywhere. There is no Israel in this map! No one recognize you because its Palestine!

Hackers have also claimed to leak credit card details of Israeli citizens but after analyzing the details, I have found out that  same data was previously leaked several times in 2012.

Links of all hacked websites with their mirrors and credit card details are available here.

On September 03, 2013 the online hackavist Anonymous had asked hackers around the world to join forces against Israel on September 11, 2013. You can read the call of joining forces together here.

At the time of publishing this article, some sites were hacked while most of them were restored.

NOTE: We at HackRead, do not take any responsibility of leaked data or its authenticity.


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