#OpLiberation: Thayer Learning Center Breached, Surveillance Logs Exposed by Anonymous

#OpLiberation-Thayer Learning Center Breached, Surveillance Logs Exposed by Anonymous-1

The online hackavist group Anonymous has claimed to breach the Thayer Learning Center (TLC)  a military based, Christian boarding school boot camp for troubled teens in Kidder, Missouri, as a result the admin data and surveillance logs on children’s phone calls have been exposed and leaked online.

One of the hacker who contacted me explained that they had found vulnerability on the center’s official website which allowed them to access confidential logs including admin details such as usernames, personal emails, passwords in hashes, names of children and their parents who were being monitored while they were on call with their families.

The logs also contains details of what the child’s center of talking was, what he/she talked about, which parent has financial problems, how much loan their child receives. Few examples of surveillance notes are given below.

  • Kate is the sister. Came home from military and brother is out of control.
  • Dorothy talked about money, and send the contract. Transport is contacting them and I will call shortly.
  • Called, sent Clark financial info. Wants to do it, needs to get a loan. Son gets 700 a month, so if she qualifies for the loan she could do it financially.
  • Spoke with parent. Mom is positive dad is questioning.

If you are interested in reading complete surveillance logs and checking out the vulnerable link of Thayer Learning Center (TLC)’s website, click here.

#OpLiberation was started by Anonymous hackers in order to help teens who are under constant abuse, torture and bully in residential treatment programs and boot camps.

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