OpPakistan: Hackers deface Pakistani govt portal (Pakistan.gov.pk) to Support Protests

Hactivists have decided to play their role in on going political crisis, as a result the official portal of government of Pakistan (Pakistan.gov.pk) has been hacked and defaced by unknown hackers supporting protesters demanding resignation of prime minister Nawaz Shareef.

Hackers �left a deface page along with a message against the government and cracking jokes about�government corruption. The PM�s message and profile picture was also change to a cartoon character Shrek.

The deface also shows funny image of Prime minister, his brother Shahbaz Shareef and ex-president Asif Ali Zardari.

Deface page left by the hackers

�As you are aware that I Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif am the most corrupt politician and the most corrupt prime minister in Pakistan�s history. I have been killing innocent people from a long time now,� according to the deface message.�

In another successful attempt the hackers were able to change Shareef�s picture to�Shrek.

PM Shareef's pic changed

Yesterday, Anonymousannouncedto attack Pakistani government websites and as a result�several�government and military website were taken down against police�brutality on protesters.�

At the time of publishing this article pakistan.gov.pk was down.

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