#OpTurkey: Anonymous Hacks Fox Entertainment Turkey & Vodasoft, Leaks account details online


Just an hour ago a well known Anonymous hacker going with the handle of @AnonsTurkey on Twitter has hacked into the official websites of Fox Entertainment Turkey (fox.com.tr) and a Turkish based call center VodaSoft (vodasoft.com.tr).

@AnonsTurkey who is very active these days for #OpTurkey, managed to breach the servers of  both websites, ending up with leaking confidential  information such as thousands of login accounts and database online with a message.

  • All your base are belong to us…

After analyzing the leaked data of Fox Entertainment Turkey, I have found out login details of around thousands of users which includes usernames, date of births, emails (@fox.com.tr & others) and their encrypted passwords.

While the leaked Vodasoft data includes site’s database, around 1600 usernames, company names, job title, emails, encrypted and plain-text passwords of site users and staff.

The hacker has pasted the data on a clipboard site, which can be found by clicking Fox Entertainment Turkey and Vodasoft.

@AnonsTurkey is the same Anonymous hacker who had hacked the official website of Turkish PM.

#OpTurkey is an online operation initiated by Anonymous as a result of protests that have been held in Turkey since 28 May 2013. The initial Istanbul protests were led by about 50 environmentalists against replacing Taksim Gezi Park with a reconstruction of the historic Taksim Military Barracks (demolished in 1940), with the possibility of housing a shopping mall. The protests developed into riots when a group occupying the park was attacked, with tear gas and water cannons, by police.


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