#OpTurkey: Turkish Prime Minister and Government Websites Hacked by Hacktivists

#OpTurkey-Turkish Prime Minister and Government Websites Hacked by Hacktivists-2

Online hackavists from Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) and Anonymous hackers have conducted a massive cyber attack on high profile Turkish government websites against police brutality on peaceful protesters.

It has been reported that Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) and a Turkish hacker going with the handle of @AnonsTurkey on Twitter has compromised sensitive data by breaching the server of official Turkish Prime Ministry website (basbakanlik.gov.tr).

Anonymous had earlier released a press release warning the government of Turkey to expect the group against police brutality.

  • Turkish Gezi Resistance is one of the most noble social uprising in recent history. The Turkish people, the women, the children, the young and the old, long oppressed by the all powerful regime, are now well awake. Fear changed sides: the Turkish people are not afraid, the oppressors are. Turkish people are realizing their potential as free human beings, and unbeforeseen soul healing is happening.

#OpTurkey-Turkish Prime Minister and Government Websites Hacked by Hacktivists

It seems as if both Anonymous and Syrian hackers are collectively conducting cyber attacks against the government of Turkey, according to one of the tweet from Anonymous, the claim is to have taken over the server of Turksih PM site, as a result emails and passwords have been compromised. However the data has not been leaked yet.

On the other hand, the hackers from Syrian Electronic Army also attacked the same site and successfully leaked over 60 email addresses and passwords on their website.

Earlier, a Syrian hacker had hacked 34 Turkish website against the police brutality on peaceful protesters.

At the time of publishing this article, the website was taken down and displaying offline message.


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