Cyber war between Bangladeshi and Indian hackers is at its peak after Bangladeshi hackers hacked into Indian Government websites yesterday. Indishell, the well known group of Indian hackers also hacked and defaced over 200 Bangladeshi Government and Private Websites to take this cyber war at a higher level.

Yesterday over 1000 Indian Websites hacked by Bangladeshi Hackers Including NDTV

Screen Shot from one of Bnagladeshi hacked sites from

According to Ash3ll, a member of indishell, these hacks are reply to Bangladeshi Hacker’s #OP-INDIA which was started on 09th feb 2012 when a youtube video containing a warning message from Bangladeshi  black hat hackers [BBHH] to the Indian Government for their alleged crimes against humanity and specially against Bangladeshis.

Mirrors of hacked Websites:

List of hacked website Defaced Sites

Destroyed Sites

list of Bangladesh GOV site freezed by Godzilla aka GOD



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