Pakistani Hacker hacks website of Indian Bioresource Information Network (IBIN)


A famous Pakistani hacker going with the handle of h4x0r HuSsY is back, this time the hacker has hacked and defaced the official website of Indian Bioresource Information Network (IBIN) under government of Goa, India.

The site was hacked today, left with a deface page along with a message in which hacker has been bashing Indian hackers for attacking Pakistani cyber space. The deface message was expressed in following words:

H4x0r3D by H4x0r HuSsY Shocked? Indian BioResource Information Network b0x3D! Hmm! Dedicated b0x? :/ Love Breaking Into Highly Secured Servers! Coz I play with Security! Security Can’t Fuck Around with me! No System In This World Is Secure! Stay Away From Pakistani Cyber Space!

It seems as if the website was not used and updated for over a year, as the ‘About Us’ page of the site shows following message:

Indian Bioresource Information network, a project funded by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India, and involving data collated by about 400 scientists from over 150 units will be launched on the 11th of october, 2012 at the Cop11 conference in Hyderabad.

Links of targeted site along with its mirror can be found below:


At the time of publishing this article, the website of Indian Bioresource Information Network (IBIN) was offline.


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