Pakistan On The Verge Of Serious Cyber Threat Yet No Rules

A country which is probably the 7th best amongst world’s top defense countries doesn’t have any legalized cyber crime laws in the country can you image that ? Probably not. Where, nearly all the countries in the world are struggling hard to combat cyber crimes, even, developing countries such Nigeria is also taking strict measures to combat it. Pakistan doesn’t have any place for it in it’s code of law.

If you are thinking why do we have laws for the things which doesn’t occur regularly in the country ? Well Pakistan at the moment is facing following cyber crimes:

Financial crimes

Cyber pornography

Sale of illegal articles

Online gambling

Intellectual property crimes

Email spoofing

Cyber stalking


Unauthorized access to computer systems¥networks

Theft of information contained in electronic form

Virus/worm attacks

Logic bombs

Trojan attacks

Internet time theft

Password cracking

Buffer overflow

These crimes might not be in knowledge of nearly 90 percent of Pakistani people but they are all endangered of facing it. One of the biggest issue for Pakistani people during upcoming days could be big thefts in the online banking system. Cyber experts belief that online banking should be closed until laying down of proper cyber laws in the country. Keeping in mind, recent credit card theft in Australia it could be a necessary step for Pakistani Government to take in upcoming days.

But, Pakistani government has been really lazy in this prospect only 20 cyber crimes were registered in the year 2011. All of which were belonging to fake facebook accounts black mailing. 20 is probably a negligible number like 0 in this form of crime if you take the statistics of this form of crime in Pakistan. Recently, in a program telecasted on one of the channels of Pakistani media, worst possible pictures of cyber crimes in Pakistan were shown in which a girl made a suicide on same black mailing issue and another girl was in serious problem due to it. There was virtually no action taken by cyber crime department and government on this.

A bill to parliament was issued to be approved regarding the combat of cyber crime during the tenure of General Parvez Musharraf. It is yet to get approval of the government. So, it is a plead from the team of hackread to the government of Pakistan to wake up and combat the nation’s precious assets from being lost.

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