Pakistan Science Foundation Hacked, 85 Login Accounts leaked by @VandaTheGod

A hacker who goes by the handle of has hacked into the server of Pakistan Science Foundation and left with leaking 85 user accounts on Pastebin. 

The hack was announced by the hacker on his official Twitter account few hours ago. 

vandathegod The data posted on Pastebin contains usernames, ids, emails and encrypted passwords of staff and students on Pakistan Science Foundation, while the emails are mostly from Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail. 

Targeted website:

Leaked Data:

Pakistan Science Foundation(PSF) is the apex body for promotion and funding of scientific and technological research and science popularization in the country. PSF has two subsidiary organizations i.e. Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) and Pakistan Scientific and Technological Information Center (PASTIC).

However, the reason for targeting the website was not mentioned anywhere.

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