Pakistani Embassy in Serbia website hacked by Indian Cyber Army

There is nothing that can stop Indian and Pakistani hackers from destroying each other’s cyber world, Indian cyber army has hacked official website of Pakistani embassy in Serbia. Hackers have left their deface message along with their contact emails. The embassy is working Belgrade Since July 2001.

According to hackers:

We Dont Sparkle Like Some KinG !! We Fuckinn SHINE !!

With FuCk FrOm :- -LuCkY , Ro0t_d3vil

Greets:- Team ICA , Team Indishell and All Indian Hackers ;)

Shouts:- -- , Inx_ro0t , c0olt04d , Ne0h4ck3r , Atul Dwivedi and Rest of da Team ;)
If u Have Any Issues Kindly Contact our Ass Kicking Department at [email protected] && [email protected]


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