Pakistani News Giant and PKNIC Domain Registrar Hacked by PAKbugs

The official website of Pakistan’s one of the oldest and biggest media giant newspaper, owners of Geo News has been hacked and defaced by PAKbugs. 

The hackers with the handles of ZombiE_KsA, Z3r0Byt3, Xploiter and Dr.Freak from PAKbugs hacked the site collectively, apparently the hackers first hacked the hosting providers( of Jang newspaper website, which further allowed hackers to deface the Jang newspaper site. 

The hackers left a message on the hacked Jang newspaper website which shows that Jang newspaper site was hacked after infiltrating the server. According to the message: 

Here we go again, you think you control .pk domains? LOL you don’t! today we are controlling .pk domains! After you patched your shitty system we still owned you it was perfect security, btw we dumped 23,000 Accounts information successfully, including government news blogs forums etc etc, btw who fuckin pentest your system? must be another noob with a degree! thenews, jang, propakistani, express,etc are fucked :( too many domains i get bored to deface all.. Pknic DO Fucking contact us on we’ll fix it for you!

Link of targeted site:

Mirror of hacked website: is Pakistan’s domain registrar of, .pk,, handling all the domains with .PK address. 

This is not the first time when PakBugs has hacked high profile Pakistani website, in past the same hackers hacked and defaced the official website of FIA, Supreme court, Pakistan Air force, Google Morocco and Google Saint Helena.

At the time of publishing this article, the website was taken offline.

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