Pakistan’s Punjab Assembly Website Hacked & Restored

It seems that this is time for another Cyber war between Pakistani and Bangladeshi hackers as the official website of Pakistan’s Punjab Assembly ( was deface on Sunday by hackers from Bangladesh. 

The hacker left a message on the hacked websites and calling it a hack of retaliation because Pakistani hackers hacked Bangladesh websites few days ago. 

The hacker also bashed the Pakistani based Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for not taking any action against the Pakistani hacker ‘Shadow 008’ for hacking Bangladeshi sites. 

“This Is PayBak To Shadow008 For Hacking Our Bangladeshi Sites!”

The defaced website was restored within the 30 minutes after the hack was done. It was Shadow 008 hacker himself who restored the site and asked site administrator to contact him via his Facebook account for better security in future. 

However, this is not the first time when website of Punjab Assembly was defaced, in past on 2012-07-10, the websites was hacked and defaced by Indian hacking group Indishell. The mirror of past defacement can be found here.

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