Famous online Indian portal ‘Rediff’ Hacked by Palestinian Hacker

On 30th April, 2015, a Palestinian-friendly hacker going with the online handle of HolaKo hacked and defaced a subdomain of Rediff.com, a famous Indian news, information, shopping and entertainment web portal.

The targeted domain (businessemail.rediff.com) belongs to Rediff enterprise providing emails, Windows and Linux web hosting services in India.

In an exclusive conversation with HolaKo, HackRead was told that reason for targeting Rediff was to deliver a message about Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

The deface message was left in following words: 

Hacked by HolaKo, Rediff mail owned!? w00t !! We are the best of the rest. Free Palestine ! #SaveGaza

A full preview of the deface page is available below:

Link of targeted domain along with its zone-h mirror as a proof of hack is available below:


 I think they found out I am in their server 

HolaKo claims he had access to Rediff’s databases, emails and login data, but the access was cutoff by site admin later on. 

In past the hacker was in news for defacing Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE,org) website in support of Palestine. You can contact the hacker here.

At the time of publishing this article, the targeted Rediff domain was restored and accessible online. 

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