AS Roma’s Paulo Dybala is the new face of Web3 soccer game MonkeyLeague

MonkeyLeague allows players to build a dream team of MonkeyAthlete NFTs to fill field positions and compete against real users.

MonkeyLeague is a Web2 strategy soccer game. It is deployed on the Solana network, and initial game versions will be released in Q4 2022. According to a press release from MonkeyLeague developers, AS Roma’s Paulo Dybala is the game’s official brand ambassador.

The news comes right after they partnered with AC Milan. MonkeyLeague’s Head of Marketing & Partnerships, Oren Langberg, stated that their mission is to make Web3 games accessible to the public through “high-quality, super-fun Web3 gaming experiences and strategic partnerships.” Their partnership with AC Milan and Paulo Dybala is a step in this direction.

“Paulo’s drive for excellence, his dedication, and champion attitude made him a perfect match as our brand ambassador to bring MonkeyLeague to the world!”Oren Langberg

What is Web3?

Web3 is the third generation of the World Wide Web. It is a decentralized platform that enables users to interact with applications and services without the need for intermediaries. Web3 technologies include decentralized applications (dApps), blockchain, and smart contracts. With Web3, users can own their data, control their digital identity, and be in charge of their own destiny.

What is Web3 Gaming?

Web3 gaming is the future of online gaming. It is a new way to play games that are interactive, immersive, and connected.

With Web3 gaming, players will be able to connect with each other in new ways and create their own game experiences. There will be no need for expensive consoles or software, as everything will be web-based.

Web3 gaming will allow players to interact with each other in real time, without any lag or loading times. This will create a more realistic and exciting gaming experience for everyone involved.

About MonkeyLeague

This strategy soccer game allows you to build a dream team of MonkeyAthlete NFTs to fill the field positions and compete against real users. The player has to reach certain ranks in the game to earn in-game currency $MBS and claim achievement-based rewards. As they climb further, they make more. The platform ( boasts a community of more than 300k users.

Paulo’s Role as a Brand Ambassador

Per the press release, the 28-year-old Paulo will lead most of the game’s co-marketing promotional events. He will also playtest it before its official release. The star striker will feature on the title’s licensed NFTs as well. Here is Paulo’s official statement after being announced as MonkeyLeague’s brand ambassador:

“With a deep appreciation of gaming, esports, and champion teams, I am excited to partner with MonkeyLeague, a leader in Web3 esports gaming. Together, we will bring MonkeyLeague and Web3 esports to the masses.”

Paulo and MonkeyLeague will collaborate on forthcoming NFT drops for game assets such as limited-edition Stadiums and MonkeyAthletes. Additionally, Paulo will headline MonkeyLeague’s upcoming breeding seasons that would allow Monkey NFT holders to breed them together and create new MonkeyAthlete NFTs.

Paulo was recently named Serie A’s MVP (most valuable player) and is regarded as an asset for the club and his country. The Argentine forward has scored around 160 goals in his career so far.

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