‘Payment Reversal’ Another PayPal Phishing Scam Targeting Customers

A new email that has been targeting PayPal users states that the company is examining a payment reversal regarding Apple and user’s account has been restricted “due to login from an unknown device.” The email informs that user needs to click a “Login Now” button for resolving the problem.

In reality, PayPal isn’t the sender of this email and it is one of the numerous phishing scams that are being designed to trick you into giving out personal credentials to cyber criminals.


When you click that “Login Now” button, you will be redirected to a compromised website that will appear just like the real PayPal site. As soon as you enter your login details on that fake page, you will be asked to verify your identity by submitting your personal info like name, address as well as your credit card number. Once this is done a message will be flashed informing you that the problem has been resolved, according to Hoax-Slayer.

On the other hand, cybercriminals will collect your submitted information and will hijack the PayPal account that you own. The motive is to use the credit card info and the account details to commit fake transactions on your behalf. They can also try to perform identity theft.

Targeting PayPal users has become such a regularly appearing tactic by scammers that the customers are now fully capable of detecting the phishing scam. However, we would like to give you a word of advice: whenever you receive an email like this one, just discard it– don’t click on it or open the attachment.

The PayPal website has information about phishing and how to report scam emails.

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