Pennsylvania’s Police Chief Suspended over Facebook Picture posing with gun and a woman

A police chief of the Pennsylvania has claimed that his account at Facebook was hacked, but this claim does not explain his picture which was displayed there. The picture basically features an attractive lady with a naked midriff section along with two guns.

A norm which has developed in our society is the acceptance level for inappropriate and uncensored pictures being loaded on social networks like Facebook.

We do not feel hesitant whatsoever on considering, wondering and finding amusement in such content.

But we are now more capable or inclined towards understanding the human desires of making themselves look more or greater than they actually are. We do not really chew over the consequences that such display can bring.

Still we do not have the right to come up with an evaluation or judgment about the image posted on Facebook featuring the Police chief Tom Keller.

It is very much impossible to give a precise verdict about the happenings that led such an image being posted on Facebook.

However one thing is for sure and that is the picture clearly shows the police chief Mr. Keller with a very attractive tattoo on his bicep— and is posing with some lady that is flaunting her bare Midriff and the ring of her belly button.

Not to mention that the lady has one gun in one hand and another is tucked into the jeans she is wearing. Yeah off course she is wearing one.

Some of the local folks have shown their concerns and reservations about the image but the Mayor has attempted to calm things down. The Mayor gave a statement to CBS Pittsburgh: ‘’ in the winter, people get a little, what you call, cabin fever, you know. And they do goofy things.’’

Many people might even see more than goofiness but no illegality in the picture posted.

Still many might also imagine that Keller has not helped his cause by calling out for CBS Pittsburgh and briefing them that he had already filed a complaint with the police authorities this morning about the hacked account.

We are not suggesting that he is lying about it but the fact is that such an excuse has often failed to get any credit especially after Congressman Anthony Weiner used it in his case of social networking imitation step dancing.

It may also be that, so many people have become a subject of such a situation before him and he is not very much in compliance or up to date with the privacy policies of Facebook.

The most fascinating aspect of this case might be the revelation of the identity of the fetching lady toting the gun and the revelation of who she got those pistols.

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