Pentagon and Mexican Presidential Servers Hacked by Yei zeta and Database leaked

The Pentagon’s military based server l, Mexican Presidential server , University of Washington and  Cambridge CEEDS Society servers have been hacked by Yei zeta and leaked data has been dumped on pastebin.

University of Washington was already under attack by Team ITNRA hacker ‘HaxOr’ few days ago, while this time Yei zeta hacker was able to win the game by re-exploiting. Following is the press release by hackers explaining the University hack.

A few days back, Team ITNRA hacker ‘HaxOr’ hacked into the University of Washington using a SQL injection. The SQL injection that was abused was fixed, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t more. Just because someone finds an SQL injection vulnerability in a website doesn’t mean they’re so amazingly good. Anyone can do it, to be quite honest. Just thought I’d share that though.

Leaks contain username, hashes, IP addresses, telephone numbers and emails.

Full list of  leaked data:


Mexico Presidants:


University of Washington.



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