Peshawar High Court Website Hacked & Defaced by Indian Hackers

The official website of Pakistan’s Peshawar High Court was hacked and defaced by two Indian hackers with handle of Da Killar” & “H4x4rWo.

The website was hacked yesterday on Friday, 21/12/12 where hackers left their deface page along with a message, protesting against Mumbai attacks that were conducted on 26th November 2008. 

According to the deface message: 

You just got hacked!! Your security sucks ADMIN, PWNED, Safe Mode Off (Not Secure)..Da Killar” & “H4x4rWo”  was here.. Indian hackers own this box!! Never Forget 26/11 and Rest In Peace Victims Of 26/11”

However, the website of PHC was restored shortly after being hacked, the high court officials confirmed that cyber attack on their site was conducted and FIA is looking into the vulnerabilities.

This is not the first time when high court site was hacked by Indian hackers, in past VenomSec hacker hacked Lahore high court website and leaked personal details of staff along with important details regulated to the upcoming hearings.  

Pakistani government websites are famous for being vulnerable to hacking all the time, in past a Turkish hacker hacked official Google Pakistan as well. It shows that web admins of the country are totally clueless in securing sites and failed to do something they are getting paid for. 

At the time of publishing this article, the PHC website was restored and working online. 

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