Fail0verflow Group Hacks PlayStation 4 to Run Linux

A group going with the handle of ”fail0verflow” hacked PlayStation 4 and run Pokémon on it — The group used a WebKit flaw to access the Linux Free BSD based Sony Orbis operating system.

Whenever a Xbox or PlayStation is released, hackers actively find new ways to crack the console.

Hence, when PlayStation 4 went on sale, hackers were on to it. However, initially, hackers couldn’t achieve much success in cracking the new machine.

But, Sony’s developers have had a hard December as they had to face various hacking-related incidents starting from jailbreak of PlayStation 4 and now the console cracking group of hackers fail0verflow has managed to run Linux on the console.

A WebKit bug was used by the group to access the Linux Free BSD oriented Sony Orbis OS.

The PlayStation 4 version 1.76 was affected by this attack.

Watch the video below:

Sony’s team has patched the bug as of now but it is very much possible that fail0verflow refines the process and applies it on the most recent versions of the console.

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