Police use Facebook to find person who dropped bag of cocaine

Usually police is known for catching criminals but the Crewe police department (CPD) from State of Virginia is making news for some other and somehow funny reasons. 

On February 17 at 10:34pm, the social media page of CPD posted an update asking if someone mistakenly dropped their cocaine at a Super Dollar store, if yes then contact us (the police) for further discussion about their property. 

At first it looked as if the CPD’s Facebook page is hacked, but after receiving questions the police started replying to every commenter one by one; explaining the seriousness of the matter.

Here is a screenshot of the status updated by Crewe police department: 

You can read the status by going on to CPD’s official Facebook page here.

The status update went viral with 696 likes, 264 comments and 702 shares at the time of publishing this article. Many made fun while some were keen to know more about it. When one commenter asked if police will return the cocaine to its owner, the police replied:

Until now no one has contacted or visited the police station to claim their “white substance”. 

If you live in Crewe town and lost something similar to the white substance, please help the police by paying them a visit :D

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