Pornhub Bug Bounty Program: Report critical flaws, earn $25,000

The famous adult content website Pornhub has decided to let hackers report security flaws and vulnerability on its computer system and earn $50 to $25,000!

Pornhub, known for its verity of pornography content has announced its bug bounty program on Tuesday. The website is owned by MindGeek, a Canadian-based IT company active in x-rated content delivery, streaming media, and online advertising — In order to protect itself from cyber attacks the site is offering hackers some big bucks.

Pornhub website is using HackerOne platform for its bug bounty program and willing to pay $25,000 to White Hat hackers who can report critical vulnerabilities and security flaws in its servers. HackerOne is known for running similar programs for multinational companies, government institutions and social media platforms. The list includes Twitter, Facebook, Pentagon, Uber, Dropbox, and Yahoo.

“Security is a top priority at Pornhub. We strive to work with skilled security researchers to improve the security of our service. If you believe you’ve found a security bug in the services listed in our scope, we will be happy to work with you to resolve the issue promptly and ensure you are fairly rewarded for your discovery,” according to the site’s policy statement available on HackerOne.

The amount of money payable ranges between $50 and $25,000. The hacker must present their Proof of Concept (POC) of the vulnerability, they should be the first one to report the vulnerability and report must be submitted to PornHub. However, the site may take about one to three months to get back to the hackers.


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If you want to know more about this bug bounty program click here to visit Pornhub’s HackerOne page.

Bug Bounty programs have been helping online platforms to keep cybercriminals away from harming users. Last year, United Airlines introduced its first-ever bug bounty program amid increasing cyber attacks. A series of security flaws also forced Malwarebytes to introduce its own bug bounty program.

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