Preston University Pakistan hacked, over 700 login details leaked by @VenomSec

A hacker who is famously known by the handle of @VenomSec has made an announcement that official website of Preston University has been hacked and database leaked online.

The hack was announced on the hacker’s official Twitter account in @VenomSec has reviled that the site has poor security and contains a week password. The password for the site is 123456, such password shows nonsense attitude of the web-admin towards the site security.

Targeted website:

Leaked Data: 

After analyzing the leaked data, we can say that it is a huge leak and will effect a lot of Preston University’s student and staff because the leak contains total 685 normal emails and 75 emails along with their passwords in plain text.  Keeping the passwords in plain text on such a well known university site, again shows the seriousness level of the site administrator.

Now lets forget plain text passwords for a while because the official email address along with password of human resource of the Preston University is also among the leaked data but the good news for HR is that the leaked password is in encrypted form.

Other then emails & passwords, the leaked data contains, usernames, user ids, columns, admission forms and other university related documents.

@VenomSec is among  the list of those dangerous hackers who have been leaking important databases from the websites of government and privately owned institutions of Islamic world for last couple of weeks, just a week ago Afghan Islamic Press Website was hacked and database was made public, then an Islamic Magazine website and most importantly the website of Lahore High Court of Pakistan was hacked and the database was leaked by the same hacker.

There is no doubt that Pakistani government and private websites are under unskilled website administrators and even the top educational institutions never bother to take any security measure to secure their site, despite of the high fee taken from the students.

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