Prisoner Uses Drones and Cell Phones to Escape

Jimmy Causey, a 46-year-old inmate, captured for kidnapping a lawyer, escaped from the South Carolina prison using some sophisticated technology setup that involved the use of drones and cell phones to coordinate the escape.

Causey used more advanced methods than last time

The authorities say that Causey escaped some years ago as well using some conventional techniques. However, this time around, the method was far more advanced and robust.

Also, one of the officials believes that Causey used at least one cell phone along with a drone to make the escape on Tuesday night. The drone was apparently used for bringing in the necessary tools to break out of the prison.

How did it happen?

According to New York Timesdespite the fact that Causey used computerized gadgets to escape, he did not forget the significance of age-old methods of fooling the prison supervisors.

Essentially, Causey made the escape during the celebrations of Independence Day and used a wire cutter to cut through fences. The prison guards were deluded by the dummy that Causey used.

It was at 2 p.m. that he was found to be missing although Causey had escaped at 8 p.m the previous night.

Arrested again

Despite the escape being quite impressive, it was, however, to no avail, since Causey was arrested once again after he was found to be residing in a hotel in Texas.

The authorities were secretly informed that the fugitive was taking refuge in Motel 6, Austin, Texas.

As soon as his whereabouts were known, the South Carolina officials informed the Texas Rangers who raided the place sometime around 4 a.m. Causey was found to be sleeping and had a store of ammunition, pistols and other cell phones. Also, he had USD 47,654 in cash.

Surprisingly, Causey easily gave in to the attempts made by the police to arrest him.

Who is to blame for the escape?

The police blamed state authorities for not allowing the prison officials to cut down all cellular communication. One of the officials said that even though prisoners are behind bars, they are not so virtually.

However, it is not just the phone that is to be pointed out. Last time, Causey and other inmate did not make use of any cellular device in order to escape.

Rather, the two simply fooled the guards by making fake heads out of a toilet paper and then hiding out in a trash can, only to be taken away by a truck. This happened back in 2005.

Moreover, the duo would have still been on the loose if it were not for a pizza girl who informed her husband about the suspicious behavior of the customers (Causey and his friend ordered a pizza). The husband then called the police, and the two were arrested subsequently.

Perhaps the technology is not the problem here. Rather, it is the security of prison itself that is the issue.

In any case, unless the exact details of the escape are known, which, for obvious reasons, have not been revealed, conclusions regarding the efficacy of the state prisons are pointless.

Watch a prisoner reach out his window to catch a drug-smuggling drone in one of the largest prisons in the UK.


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