Privacy Advocates Launch Anonymous Calling App

For those who seek privacy while working online,  you now have a solution in “Warble,” an Anonymous calling app for Android, iOS and Windows OS.

Warble is an app developed to allow users to communicate via phone calls without getting spied on by Govt agencies, who are always on the look out for data collection.

This app launched during privacy week in Amsterdam, Holland is a necessity for activists, defenders and journalist, especially from countries like the US, Russia and China where every movement is tracked by their security agencies. The best part of the app is that it can be used in any part of the world and keeps the identity of the users anonymous. With that, it doesn’t require any authentication like putting forward your mobile number for activation.

Privacy has been a big issue online for last few years and the most intriguing fact is that the country which is hosting the Privacy conference this year is involved in the most tapping of the data. In 2015 alone the Dutch government has made 2 million requests from telecom and internet service providers.

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In a press release the founder of the calling app said that:

“To allow users to communicate anonymously the Warble App combines three techniques”, explains founder Paul Coerkamp. “Tunneling, Encryption, and Obfuscation. This allows any caller to use advanced Privacy techniques for the first time, no longer worrying about their Safety and Security. Even better, we have no user identity information and offer the option to pay through anonymous payment methods. So a request for information from the government has no effect. We cannot disclose what we don’t know.”

No number confirmation and no identity info required to use this app

According to the developers, the app will be launched on 25th of October (Opening day of IPC) in ‘Pakhuis de Zwijger’ in Amsterdam. That whole week would be devoted to debate on privacy related issues and few of the renowned players of online privacy will shed light on it. Names of the people who will be debating are as follows:

·         Member of the European Parliament “Marietje Schaake”

·         Surveillance Officer for Amnesty International “Quirine Eijkman”

Telegrpah (Dutch Language)


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