Pro-Russian Hackers Take Down German Govt. Websites

A group of pro-Russian hackers is claiming responsibility for recent attacks that brought down German government websites including the page for Chancellor Angela Merkel, the foreign ministry and the lower parliament.

The group calls itself CyberBerkut and claims itlaunched those cyber-attacks over Germany�s supporting stance towards the �criminal regime in Kiev�. The timing of the attack on the government websites came just before meeting were about to be held between German and Ukrainian leaders.

The sites are now back up and working but the cyber-attacks are certainly affecting Germany as its websites are putting up with 3,000 cyber-attacks on a daily basis.

This is not the first time when�CyberBerkut has taken responsibility of powerful attacks on government websites. In past the same group conducted a powerful DDoS attack on NATOtaking down its�Cyber Defence Centre Server, following with a�claim to leak Ukrainian Ministry of Defense emails

While the digital war is very far from being over, nations have to figure out a way to better defend themselves as the attacks are getting more and more severe.


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