Proximus Security Website Hacked, 20,000 Emails & Passwords Leaked

@JokerCracker keeping up with his work has now hacked into the website of Proximus Security, a security products & Service providing company and left with leaking login credentials of 20,000 user accounts. 

The hacker contacted us and also announced the leak on his official Twitter account.

The leaked data which is now available on Privatepaste contains admin login details, usernames, emails and most importantly the clear text passwords all of 20,000 emails. 

For a company like Proximus that deals in security products, it is such a shame, a proof of poor security and limited imagination to keep the passwords in clear text form rather then in encrypted form, making it a nightmare for the users whose details have been leaked.

Just an important note for readers: Don’t mix Belgium based Proximus telecom aka Belgacom Mobile with Proximus security products providing company.  Proximus Security deals with all kind of security and surveillance products like cams and video security kits. 

So good luck to Proximus Security with headache of dealing with hacked customers.

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