PTCL Website Hacked by CyberHax0rs

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL)‘s offical website has been hacked by CyberHax0rs from Pakistan. Hackers left their deface page on the website without explaining any reason or message whatsoever for hacking into the website. However hackers did challenged the website admin for its poor security.

We, the masked crusaders of CyberHax0rs.

Have again returned from the depths of the hackcave to bring justice to some and hope to many. We do the work that civil society is not prepared to do and in doing so we transcend law and social normsWe are here to keep the internet safe from cretins,knaves, noobs and whitehats. U call This security?? gota be kidding!

Link of Hacked Site: 

CyberHax0rs group is the same group that hacked into Telenor’s website couple of weeks ago.




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