Qatar Ministry of Islamic Affairs Website Hacked by Hannibal Team


Group of Algerian hackers going with the handle of Hannibal Team has hacked and defaced the official website of Qatar’s Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, dedicating the hack to the world renowned hackers of Syrian Electronic Army.

Hackers left a deface page along with a simple note of “Hacked by Hannibal Team” on the hacked website, leaving the Syrian flag and logo of Syrian Electronic Army hackers.

While talking with the one of the hacker from Syrian Electronic Army, I was told that Hannibal Team is Algerian based and hacked the Qatar’s Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs to give a tribute to Syrian and the hackers of Syrian Electronic Army.

Link of hacked site along with its Zone-h mirror are available below:

The hack was conducted on 13th May 2013 and at the time of publishing this article the website of Qatar’s Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs was restored and working online.

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