Qatar Ministry of Public Prosecution Websites Hacked & Defaced by Algerian Hacker

Qatar Ministry of Public Prosecution Websites Hacked & Defaced by Algerian Hackers

An Algerian hacker going with the handle of DZ27 has hacked and defaced 11 official websites of Qatar’s Ministry of Public Prosecution few hours ago.

It seems the hacker got access to the Qatar Public Prosecution server, defacing total 11 sub-domains of the ministry; leaving the sites with a  message along with a deface page against  Qatari owned Al Jazeera News Network.

Deface note shows ‘Hacked by DZ27’, while page shows a hand full of blood over Al Jazeera News Network website, asking the network to stop spreading news allegedly against Algeria.

Hacked websites belong to Doha’s Second Regional Conference on Justice, Arab Forum to recover looted funds, website of The Second World Summit of Attorneys General Persecutors General and Chief Prosecutors, House of Commons, prosecutors and heads of Government Investigation and Prosecution states website and several other domains working within the Qatar Ministry of Public Prosecution.

Links and mirrors of hacked websites can be found here.

Two days ago another hacking group Hannibal Team had hacked and defaced the official website of Qatari Ministry of Islamic Affairs, dedicating the hack to Syrian Electronic Army. 

At the time of publishing this article, all 11 sites were hacked and displaying deface message left by the hacker.

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