Qatar National Bank Accepts Data Breach while Hackers Release Inside Video

Turkish hackers were behind the QNB’s data breach — The QNB has accepted that they were hit with a cyber attack

Last week HackRead exclusively reported on Qatar National Bank (QNB) security breach. Now, the QNB has acknowledged a third-party access to their servers but claim the customers’ data is fully secured. That’s not all while the bank has accepted the breach, the hackers, on the other hand, have released a video revealing how they leaked personal information of alleged MI5’s agents.

In a statement released by the bank, it has been claimed that only a portion of Qatar-based customers was targeted and authorities took immediate steps to fully secured their systems. The bank also confirmed that some of the leaked data may be accurate but the one circulating on social media is a mixture of information from the attack as well as other non-QNB sources.

Earlier, hackers claimed to leak financial data of Al-Thani Qatar Royal Family, Al Jazeera journalists and MI5 agents

“QNB monitored abnormal activity in our system environment, this was immediately communicated to relevant authorities. We also took immediate steps and our systems are fully secure and operational. The attack only targeted a portion of Qatar-based customers while some of the data recently released in the public domain may be accurate, much of it was constructed and contains a mixture of information from the attack as well as other non-QNB sources, such as personal data from social media channels.”

However, hackers claim to leak 1.4GB of data belonging to Qatari Royal Family, several Britsh citizens, and Aljazeera journalists. According to HackRead’s investigation, the hackers behind the breach are Turkish and call themselves Bozkurt Hackers. Bozkurt is a town and a rural district of Denizli Province in the Aegean Region of Turkey.

If you are a QNB’s customer and want to check if your data was leaked you can check it on this tool developed by an IT security researcher Carlos Castillo

Watch the video leaked by hackers below:


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