Qatar National Bank Hacked, 1.4GB Database Leaked

A group of unknown hackers claims to breach the security of Qatar National Bank and leak banking details of Qatari Royal Family, Al Jazeera Journalists and MI6 agents.

A group of unknown hackers has claimed to have hacked into the servers of Qatar National Bank (QNB) and leaked 1.4GB of data from the database containing personal data of its customers.

The massive data dump appears to contain hundreds of thousands of financial records including credit card numbers and their PIN codes and customer transaction logs. Moreover, the hackers also claim to leak banking details of the Al-Thani Qatar Royal Family and Al Jazeera journalists.

There is a folder among the leaked data labeled as “SPY” catching the eyes of anyone who has the access to the leaked data. Upon scanning, it was found that there are financial details of what appears to be UK’s intelligence service MI6, Qatari Ministry of Defence and Qatar State Security Bureau “Mukhabarat.”


Other documents reportedly belong to alleged French and Polish intelligence agents containing social media accounts, phone numbers, family names and credit card details. There’s also a personal photo of a lady with two children, however, it is unclear who the lady is.

Amongst the data is a folder for Al Jazeera which contains about 30 profiles with 1200 records in Microsoft Excel files. The records contain telephone numbers, national ID card numbers and home addresses. The Al Jazeera disclosure also contains a file by the name of “Spy” with a picture of an unknown man — the data also includes financial details, social media accounts, and passwords.



It is unclear if the data is legit – who was behind the hack/leak or what was their motive — However, according to Qatar National Bank’s official statement, they are aware of the situation and QNB group has a policy of not commenting on the reports circulated via social media and there is no financial impact on the clients or the Bank. The statement also informs customers that an investigation has been launched.

“Referring to social media speculation in regard to an alleged data breach, it is QNB Group policy not to comment on reports circulated via social media. QNB would like to take this opportunity to assure all concerned that there is no financial impact on our clients or the Bank. QNB is further investigating this matter in coordination with all concerned parties.”

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