11 Million Users Have Quit Using Facebook Over Privacy Concerns

11 Million Facebook Users Have Quit Using Facebook Over Privacy ConcernsA recent report given by the Daily Mail has revealed that due to the privacy issues, Facebook users are leaving the social platform at an alarming rate.

A research report has revealed that around 11 million users have left Facebook and this figure comprises 9 million from the US and around 2 million from Britain.

The researchers from the University of Vienna have analyzed about 600 Facebook users and they found out the following reasons why they quit the social platform.

  • Privacy Concerns, 48.3 percent
  • Shallow conversation, 12.6 percent
  • Fear of getting addicted, 6 percent
  • General dissatisfaction, 13.5 percent
  • Studies show that the majority of the users that are quitting are older males.

Facebook like some of the other technological giants has been criticized for the lack of privacy for the users, and for turning over information of thousands of users to the government. Back in August this year, Infowars revealed that the Facebook authorities have given information of around 38 thousand users in 74 different countries. Half of such requests for information came from within the USA.

Technological giants cannot reveal the exact amount of information that they have handed over because they have been prohibited by the government to do so. However, companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have now gone for a strong alliance and are retaliating on this issue.

This alliance is pressurizing the FISA court by lodging motions asking the court to give out the exact figures of the intelligence agency requests rather than giving out approximations.

The general counsel of Facebook has said that they believe in more information being given out to the public, so that they can debate over the subject that whether the security programs of the government are adequately balancing the privacy interests of people while attempting safety measures for them.

The editor of Cyber psychology journal where the findings on this issue have been published has said that after the revelations made by WikiLeaks, and the reports on NSA programs, people are now becoming more conscious and concerned about their privacy issues in the cyber world.

Facebook is also being closely examined for a recently published rights’ policy in which they said that the information of a user along with his/her picture might be used as an ad on other sites for their friends to see.

Well you can say that the concerns of the users related to the privacy on the social platform is quite justified. In case your information is not being collected via Facebook, the PRISM program of the NSA can surely do it via other ways such as through cellular data or email.


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