Racism at It’s Peak: ‘Blacks for sale in $0.42’ online ad sparks outrage in Brazil

Brazil: An online advert on South America’s largest online shopping website (MercadoLivre.com) has put humanity to shame offering “blacks for sale for one Brazilian real” ($0.42).

The ad was featuring a photo image of two black kids, suggesting that sold black children can “serve as carpenters, masons, cooks, security guards, nightclub bouncers, janitors, garbage collectors, or housekeepers.”

In few hours, the advert went viral and about 1,700 Brazilian citizens responded aggressively; demanding removal of the ad and arresting of culprits.

Racism 'Blacks for sale in $0.42' online ad sparks outrage in Brazil

The racist advert was then reported to government and authorities responsible for racial equality/issues related with racism urged the website to hand over author’s information.

It is unclear how the racist advert ended up online as according to MercadoLivre.com’s terms and conditions, the company reviews every ad before posting online.

Brazil is known for its multicultural and colorful traditions, a home to 200 million people of African descent. However, uploading of such an advert leaves many questions; especially about negative use of the internet in order to spread hate crimes.

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